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11 PDU Opportunity For Book Review - Respond By November 29th

11 PDU Opportunity For Book Review - Respond By November 29th


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Volunteer Opportunity for a Book Review:
11 PDUs Possible!

Please Respond by 29 November

You'll recall that we recently announced that we would be conducting book reviews, and that we are starting with a review of "The Keys to our Success: Lessons Learned from 25 of our Best Project Managers" edited by David Barrett and Derek Vigar. We've refined our approach to the review process and are looking for ten volunteers. Here's how we'll do the reviews:

  • We'll get a copy of the book to all reviewers through PMI
  • We will hold a kick off and initial discussion webinar
  • We will have 4 additional weekly discussion webinars. Nice meaty debates on themes from the book, with 4 or five chapters read in advance of the webinar
  • In the debate webinars, the ten reviewers, moderated by Dev Ramcharan, will be the participants.
  • Finally, we will hold a more formal webinar, in which we present to the worldwide community a summary of our thoughts on the book, its strong points, its weak points and its value to us as practitioners.

11 PDUs

So, what's in it for me? You ask...

  • 1 "Self Directed Learning" PDU for every hour you spend reading the book (that could reasonably be as much as 5 PDUs)
  • 1 "Volunteer Service " PDU for every hour you spend in the discussion webinars (that would be 5)
  • 1 "Creating new PM Knowledge" PDU for helping present at the Community Book Review Results Presentation webinar (or 1 "Self Directed Learning" PDU if you're just listening in to the webinar
  • And don't forget the best value of all to you will be what we learn together from the book, and the joy of building our personal, professional networks through working together in the process.

That's a whopping 11 potential PDUs you could achieve by volunteering to be a reviewer! A great opportunity. You can respond directly to Dev Ramcharan (KM Lead for the CoP) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday, 29th November. We look forward to hearing from you!


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