University of Redlands Project Management Certification

As an open enrollment program, there are no application or admission requirements and students may enter the program at any time. Courses are taught throughout the year at regional centers across Southern California including San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga, Santa Ana, Torrance and Burbank.

The certificate may also be offered as a custom on-site program in which organizations are able to integrate existing work-related issues and projects into the curriculum. The program is open to anyone interested in developing project management expertise.




Project Management Principles and Practice (3 units) 
[PMCS 301]
Overview of project management processes and principles used in planning and monitoring project activities from inception through closure. Topics include the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the role of the project manager, project life cycle and project management deliverables. Emphasizes project planning, execution, monitoring and control.

Project Planning, Scheduling and Risk Management (3 units) [PMCS 304]
Surveys the project management planning and risk management principles used in the definition of scope, time management and risk analysis. Topics include collecting the project requirements, scope development, work breakdown structures, estimation and scheduling, risk management and mitigation strategies.

Project Cost and Quality Management (3 units) [PMCS 303]
Review of the essential project management tools and techniques used to estimate costs and manage quality. Additional topics include procurement of resources, and planning and performing quality assurance throughout the project life cycle.

Project Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication (3 units) [PMCS 302]
Covers the essential qualitative areas necessary for effective project management including leadership, personnel and team management, communication and strategic planning. Topics include team selection and development, effective project leadership, stakeholder management and communication strategies throughout the project life cycle.

Project Management Practicum (2 units) [PMCS 305]
Capstone experience to the project management certificate. A practical and applied approach to review and reinforce previously learned project management tools and techniques. A project portfolio with deliverables will be the final outcome of the course providing the student with a synthesis of the project management process in an applied setting.

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