The Board of Directors have set the following goals for 2023:

Objective 1: Networking and Communications Goals

  1. Offer at least 2 networking focused events.
  2. Offer at least 2 virtual PDU opportunities
  3. Communicate New Industry Trends

Objective 2: Increase Outreach

  1. Increase Outreach. Reach out to educational and corporate partners to promote opportunities
  2. Regular New Member Orientation. Provide virtual and/or in person opportunities for new members to meet and learn about chapter benefits
  3. Improve Feedback Loop. Actively solicit members for feedback and respond to concerns.

Objective 3: Mentoring and Certification 

  1. Establish and execute a mentor program for new practitioners
  2. Offer at least one Disciplined Agile certification course
  3. Offer at least one topic specific seminar to membership