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  Chris Hare



Chris Hare – Director of Communications.

Chris Hare is an award-winning project management professional, published author, and playwright. As a wife and full-time working mom, she has worked for the past 15 years as a certified, senior-level program/project manager for such companies as Adobe, Guitar Center, Patagonia, and United Online/NetZero.

In addition, with her background as a professional copywriter and author, Chris served as Tech Editor for two best-selling books on Amazon, and more recently self-published a book called "From Homework HELL to Help! A Parent's Guide to Helping Kids Save Time and Stress Less Using Project Management Techniques," which won the Solo Medal in the Parenting Category in the 2018 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

In terms of her philanthropic passions, Chris has served as an advocate for the ASPCA on the Horse Action Team and Advocacy Brigade since 2016, as well as served as a grant writer for the Ojai Raptor Center (as part of Patagonia's Environmental Internship program) and First 5. She has also served on the review committee for the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation and on the non-profit community grant panel for Adobe. She is currently serving as an Evangelist and Content Writer for the Adobe For All Peer Mentoring Program.




Vicki Andrews Barilla –  Director of Membership

Professional experience and leadership in program management, project management, data management, community and client relations, outreach, information technology management, management consulting, human development and training, in large corporations, small businesses and non-profits within the healthcare and automotive fields and the legislative branch of government.

Information Technology roles in the following organizations and corporations: U.S. House of Representatives, Nissan Motor Corporation, IBM Global Services, United Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente.

Volunteerism and work in organizations supporting veterans transition and serving the homeless.

Specialties: Customer, Client, Community and Public Relations, Data Management, Information Technology Management, Program and Project Management, Education and Training, Problem and Change Management, Auditing, Quality Assurance, Research, Transformation and Transition Management.

 JC Valenzuela    

Juan Carlos (JC) Valenzuela, Director of Marketing.

JC currently works at Prime Healthcare as a Project Analyst Coordinator. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, San Bernardino. He majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. JC developed his career in healthcare with a foundation in Chino Valley Medical Center for seven years, upon which he was referred to a position as Administrative Assistant to the CIO, shortly thereafter being promoted to his current role in the PMO. He is on a path to achieve the PMP. He has a strong suit in networking and professional development, as well as experience with college outreach and native marketing. JC strives to bring harmony and efficiency to all teams and projects he partakes in. 

 Jackie Coulter    Jacqulyn "Jackie" Coulter, Director of Finance