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Volunteer Service Commitment and Confidentiality Agreement Form

PMICIE appreciates you volunteering with us and we aim to make this experience enjoyable and rewarding for you. This agreement describes the arrangement between PMI California Inland Empire Chapter and you.

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Volunteer Acknowledgment

(1) I agree to work for PMICIE as a volunteer on chapter related activities.

(2) As a volunteer, I understand that I control the dates and times when I do the work, except as noted in the Volunteer description above, and that PMICIE is not responsible for scheduling my volunteer work. I also understand that I will not be compensated for any time spent volunteering, except for pre-approved expenses upon the termination of this agreement or as a result of this service. I also understand that I am not entitled to benefits, including employment insurance benefits at any time as a result of this service. .

(3) PMICIE agrees to provide:

  • A description of the role offered, its objective , and start date
  • A commitment to support and mentor the volunteer
  • A confidential working environment (See the Confidential agreement below)

(4) The volunteer agrees to:

  • Undertake the role to the best of their ability to help PMICIE deliver its services
  • To follow the PMICIE’s Bylaws, procedures and abide by relevant policies
  • To attend necessary induction and training
  • To attend necessary meetings with their supervisor/mentor and/or board meetings as necessary
  • To meet the mutually agreed time commitments, giving reasonable notice when this is not possible

This is an honorable agreement, rather than a legal one, and may be cancelled at any time by either party. This agreement is not regarded by either party as an employment relationship.

I.          POLICY STATEMENT:  This policy addresses Project Management Institute CA Inland Empire Chapter (PMICIE) confidential information and sets policy regarding confidentiality and privacy. This policy applies to all PMICIE sponsored activities, including but not limited to project teams, groups, member advisory groups, board committees or other committees or groups formed by the corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Committees"). Nothing in the policy is intended to limit volunteer’s day-to-day responsibility as set forth in the PMI Code of Ethics, PMICIE bylaws, job descriptions or other polices governing volunteer conduct nor is it intended to affect the responsibility of the PMICIE Board of Directors over the conduct of volunteers in performing any duty regarding the corporation.

Member and non-member volunteers may not reveal Confidential Information to any third party. Within reasonable limits, member and non-member volunteers agree to personally protect Confidential Information from communication or distribution to others and will not use such information for their own personal use or gain, or to the advantage of any other organization or entity. This duty of confidentiality will not apply to Confidential Information that (a) is in the public domain through no fault of the volunteer; (b) is properly known by the volunteer, without restriction, prior to disclosure by PMICIE; (c) is properly disclosed to the volunteer by another person without restriction; or (d) for which the volunteer receives written approval from an officer of PMICIE Board of Directors prior to disclosure.
Prior to receiving Confidential Information, each volunteer will execute a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement.

II.        PURPOSE: PMICIE member and non-member volunteers, from time to time, are required to have access to and use confidential, sensitive and proprietary information or data. In such situations, maintaining confidentiality is in the best interests of the corporation, its components and members, since disclosure could injure individuals and organizations both inside and outside of PMICIE. In addition, disclosure could involve unfair business advantage, personnel action and other risks. As such this agreement is set forth to establish clear, reasonable and fair standards for confidentiality applicable to PMICIE member and non-member volunteers for such matters.

Desired Results/Objectives:

1.  PMICIE members and non-members will have a clear understanding of the corporation’s need for confidentiality in its operations.
2.  PMICIE members and non-members will understand the kind of information deemed confidential by PMICIE, how they can mark information confidential, how they should handle PMICIE confidential information, how they can appeal the designation of material marked confidential, and how breaches of confidentiality will be handled.
3.  The PMICIE Confidentiality Policy will minimize the potential for confidential, sensitive and proprietary information or data from being compromised. Further, this policy will minimize the risk of PMICIE members and non-members being accused of inappropriate activity or the appearance of impropriety.

"Confidential Information." Any information, material or data that the organization considers and treats as confidential, sensitive or proprietary, shall be defined as confidential, whether or not it is explicitly marked as such.
Examples of Confidential Activities & Sources: Information that is confidential, sensitive or proprietary may result from various activities and sources. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Current and prospective membership and component records, including personal/business data.
  • Information generated by self-regulatory proceedings, such as ethics and professional conduct investigations, certification, standards-setting, accreditation or other business or governance enforcement.
  • Opinions and other privileged information received from inside or outside legal counsel or other learned experts, including volunteer staff.
  • Executive or Closed Session information, including minutes and notes.
  • Financial statements and financial summaries.
  • Certain business and financial discussions, agreements, and financial data. This includes multi-year program plans and budgets, information about programs, projects, products and services under development as well as data generated through confidential merger or acquisition processes, or other cooperative or partnership agreements.
  • Trade secrets or confidential commercial information generated through the business endeavors of PMICIE, or shared with PMICIE by outside business concerns on the condition of maintenance of confidentiality.
  • Programs, products, and services being developed but not yet made public.

"Committee" is defined in the first paragraph of this policy.
"Committee Chair" is defined as the individual who is responsible for the operation of the Committee, as established in the applicable, PMICIE governing document, charter, job description or other delegation of authority by the appropriate PMICIE authority.

IV.       PERSONS AFFECTED: PMICIE member and non-member volunteers working on Committees are bound by this Policy, including but not limited to the PMICIE Board and all authorized committees.

V.         DISSEMINATION: Upon approval, electronic copies of the policy will be distributed to all PMICIE Board members, Committee Chairs, and Committee Members. This policy shall be included in the PMICIE Operations Manual.

VI.       RESPONSIBILITIES: Participation on a Committee constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Policy and its requirements. This policy does not grant or imply any license to individuals to use for their personal or business activities, any PMICIE proprietary information or intellectual property.
With my signature below, I attest to have read and agreed to the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement as set forth in this document.

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