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PMI® Global/PMICIE Member Benefits

Benefits of PMI® Global Membership

As a PMI member, you get a host of benefits designed to support your career growth and your success, including:

Quality publications to keep you informed — delivered to your e-mail box, or log in anytime to access them on

  • PM Network® a popular monthly publication that covers the project management profession, thought leaders, news and trends. Available in digital or print formats - go digital now by changing your membership preferences.
  • PMI Today ®, a monthly newsletter focused on Institute news, events, community activities and a column from the PMI Board of Directors. Available in digital or print formats - go digital now by changing your membership preferences.
  • Project Management Journal ®, a peer-reviewed research journal that advances the understanding of project, program and portfolio management, published five times per year.
  • Community Post , a semimonthly e-newsletter focused on project management knowledge and PMI news.
  • Manage India — an electronic publication on the practice of project management for members in India.
  • EMEA e-link, Asia-Pacific e-Link, Korea e-Link and Latin America e-Link regional e-newsletter covering PMI activities and news in Asia Pacific, Korea, Latin America, Brazil and EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa), for members in those locations.

Members receive discounts on PMI credential exams and renewal. You also get discounts on:

How to join PMI® California Inland Empire Chapter:

Step 1. Become a PMI® Member

  • PMI® offers 3 types of membership options – Individual Member, Student Member, and Retiree Member. Learn more about each type of PMI membership. Identify the type of membership you are seeking and follow the online process as instructed. When you apply for membership with PMI®, you can join PMICIE at the same time or as a separate transaction. (Note: PMI is also very good at walking you through this over the phone.)
  • After you have created your account, make sure to check back frequently and utilize the full benefits of what PMI® has to offer. It's important to remember to keep your email address current with PMI® on your profile as that information is passed on to your local Chapter(s).

Step 2. Become a PMI® California Inland Empire Chapter Member

  • If you have not established an account on the PMI website please revisit Step 1.
  • To join the PMI® California Inland Empire Chapter, you must register and pay your fees through directly. Your Membership records will be updated and the California Inland Empire Chapter will be notified of your membership.
  • To pay your fees visit the following link (below) and follow the PMI Marketplace instructions. (Note: The annual Chapter membership fee for each type of membership varies. Student membership is open to any student enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited or global equivalent, college or university).

Step 3. What you can expect after registering

How to Renew

Renewal is just as easy.

  • To be proactive, PMI® California Inland Empire Chapter recommends renewing 30-60 days before your membership expiration. All you need to do is:

    • Log-in to and renew your membership, or
    • Follow the Step 2 above and add it to your shopping cart while in the PMI Market place.
  • Note:PMI has incorporated a shopping cart format, and will show your PMI Membership renewal, as well as the renewal for any component groups or CoPs in which you are involved. When you are all done your receipt will show in your “My Orders” section on
  • It is that easy… and you retain all the benefits of your PMICIE Membership such as: Dinner meeting discounts, guest speakers, special events, PMICIE news, volunteer opportunities, PDU discounts, professional development training opportunities, and much more! Don’t miss out! Keep your edge!


Renew your PMICIE membership before it expires!

Remember to stay in touch with us, always update your contact info with PMI®.


PMI® California Inland Empire Chapter membership benefits:

  • PMI® Global membership benefits plus...
  • Students receive a PMI® Membership discount (cost savings $15)
  • PMICIE provides education, training, certification and networking opportunities toSTART, BUILD and GROW your project management career through...
  • 3-Day PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Bootcamp (cost savings: $200) 

    • For personal support to build your roadmap to success, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 951.704.3937
  • Monthly Dinner Meetings (cost savings: $15-20)
  • PMO Support to provide education, training, certification and networking opportunities for Corporations supporting PMI® foundation 
  • Career Development through education and networking opportunities: 

  • Education to stay current with your project management skills: 

  • PMICIE values your membership as we could not provide the level of services that we do today without your support
  • PMICIE has plans in the near future to provide Member Login services that will allow us to provide ever greater value-add service to you, our members!
  • PMICIE will educate you on the importance of and how to use social media as the NEW mode of communication contributing to 

    • project success,
    • exposure to more information in short, brief articles (aka blogs),
    • access to expanding your network worldwide; with no limits or boundaries; which may in turn
    • lead to career opportunities in another state or country
    • professional and personal growth opportunities are endless!
  • Visit our homepage on a regular basis as it is constantly updated with education, training, networking and volunteer / mentoring opportunities that will empower you to take your project management career to the next level
  • Your success is our success...thank you for your continued support!
  • START, BUILD and GROW your career with PMICIE. Join now!