Meet Jennifer Nipper: A Journey Through Health IT to Project Management Mastery

Jennifer Nipper2


Meet Jennifer Nipper, whose 26-year career journey through Health Information Technology at Riverside County Hospital to consulting roles in prestigious firms like Vitalize, SAIC, and Leidos has shaped her into a seasoned project management professional. Currently, she channels her extensive experience into faith-based projects and actively nurtures the next generation of project managers as a member of the Project Management Institute California Inland Empire chapter (PMICIE).

Starting Out in Project Management

Jennifer's foray into project management began on the ground floor as a programmer/analyst. Her early role involved collaborating with various teams to bring complex software applications to life—a process she found incredibly rewarding. This initial spark led her to climb the ranks, eventually overseeing all projects as an Applications Manager at the hospital. “Seeing a project come together thanks to a dedicated team was a pivotal moment for me," Jennifer shares, reflecting on her early motivations.

Education: The Key to Advancement

Understanding the importance of formal education and certifications in advancing her career, Jennifer earned a BA in Business Management and obtained her PMP certification. These qualifications not only bolstered her expertise but also expanded her leadership capabilities. She advocates for continuous professional development, encouraging new project managers to acquire as many PM certifications as possible and to engage with PMICIE’s mentoring program.

Overcoming Project Hurdles

Jennifer recalls one of her more challenging projects: rescuing a delayed pharmacy ordering system implementation. By rolling up her sleeves and working directly with the pharmacy staff, she exemplified leadership by service. "Being a project manager doesn’t mean you only oversee; sometimes, you need to get hands-on to drive your project across the finish line," she advises.

Tips for Effective Project Management

Jennifer believes that efficient meetings and respecting team members' time are crucial. She suggests, "Keep status meetings short and opt for standing meetings where possible to maintain focus and energy." Effective communication and appreciating every team member's contribution are practices Jennifer stands by to ensure project success.

Work-Life Balance and Core Values

Integrating her personal values with her professional life is a principle Jennifer lives by. She highlights the overlap between her personal beliefs, including many based on Biblical teachings, and the core values upheld by PMICIE. "Trust and integrity are fundamental, both at home and at work," Jennifer notes, emphasizing consistency in one's values regardless of the setting.

Getting Involved with PMICIE

Serving as Director of Membership and VP of Membership at PMICIE, Jennifer finds great joy in welcoming new members and integrating them into the community. She played a key role in launching a New Member Orientation, now available both online and in-person, which has been widely successful. "Join us at an upcoming meeting and discover the supportive network that PMICIE offers to both budding and experienced project managers," she encourages.


Jennifer Nipper’s story is not just about her impressive career trajectory but also about her commitment to growing a community of project managers who value integrity, continuous learning, and active participation in their professional sphere. Her journey offers inspiration and practical advice for anyone at any stage of their project management career, highlighting the significance of embracing both personal and professional growth opportunities. Join Jennifer and the PMICIE community to enhance your project management skills and network within an enriching environment.