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Dr. Ray Seraile on Mastering Project Management: Insights from the President-elect of PMI California Inland Empire Chapter

Dr. Ray Seraile, the upcoming President of the PMI California Inland Empire (PMICIE) Chapter and a seasoned Business Systems Analyst at San Bernardino County's Department of Behavioral Health, has carved a niche in project management that spans IT and healthcare sectors. His journey from martial arts gym manager to a pivotal role in project management at the county level exemplifies the versatility and strategic acumen essential for modern project managers.

From Martial Arts to Project Management: A Unique Path

Interviewer: Dr. Seraile, could you share how your early experiences influenced your path into project management?

Dr. Ray Seraile: Certainly. My career initially revolved around martial arts, where I managed gyms and led marketing campaigns. This early exposure to structured planning and event organization sparked my interest in project management. Transitioning into web development and ultimately project management was a natural progression, enhancing my skills in managing more complex and diverse projects.

Celebrating Career Milestones

Interviewer: What milestones in your project management career have been most significant?

Dr. Ray Seraile: Earning my PMP certification stands out as a significant achievement. It not only validated my expertise and experience but also marked a pivotal moment in my career, enabling me to tackle complex projects in IT and healthcare more effectively.

Overcoming Traditional Mindsets

Interviewer: Could you describe a challenging project and how you managed it?

Dr. Ray Seraile: One notable challenge was overcoming the entrenched "TWWADI" mindset—The Way We've Always Done It. In this project, I used my interpersonal skills to persuade the team to adopt new methodologies, demonstrating the benefits and leading the project to success. This experience underscored the importance of adaptive leadership and effective communication in project management.

Tools for Effective Project Management

Interviewer: What tools do you consider indispensable in your work?

Dr. Ray Seraile: Clear communication and obtaining explicit commitments are crucial. These tools ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, which is fundamental for accountability and the success of any project.

Enhancing Chapter Engagement and Visibility

Interviewer: As President-elect, what initiatives within the PMICIE Chapter are you most proud of?

Dr. Ray Seraile: I am particularly proud of my efforts to boost engagement and increase visibility within our chapter. Creating a more dynamic community through active participation in both in-person and virtual training events has been rewarding. These initiatives help our members and non-members alike gain valuable knowledge and skills, strengthening our professional network.

Upcoming PMICIE Events:

Staying Updated and Addressing Industry Challenges

Interviewer: How do you keep up with the latest trends in project management?

Dr. Ray Seraile: I actively engage with various online resources, such as blogs and dedicated project management websites, to stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in our field.

Interviewer: What are common challenges in today’s project management landscape?

Dr. Ray Seraile: A major challenge is the "potted plant" leadership style, which can stifle growth and innovation. My approach is proactive, always seeking ways to advance and improve project outcomes regardless of existing constraints.

Advice for Aspiring Project Managers

Interviewer: What advice would you give to new project managers?

Dr. Ray Seraile: It’s crucial to identify key stakeholders early and understand their influence on your projects. Don’t hesitate to seek explicit commitments to ensure clarity around expectations and responsibilities.

The Future of Project Management

Interviewer: How do you see AI impacting project management?

Dr. Ray Seraile: AI will significantly enhance efficiency in project management, allowing us to tackle more specialized problems and streamline processes.

Balancing Life and Finding Inspiration

Interviewer: How do you balance work and personal life?

Dr. Ray Seraile: My family and supportive work culture are foundational. My passion for teaching and learning, inspired by my family of educators, drives my professional life, while my involvement in martial arts and community activities keeps me grounded.

Dr. Ray Seraile’s insights into project management are not just reflective of his extensive experience but also highlight the evolving nature of the field. For those in the Inland Empire interested in project management, or current PMICIE members looking to deepen their engagement, Dr. Seraile’s leadership promises a dynamic chapter environment focused on growth and learning. Join us at PMI CIE to connect with like-minded professionals and leverage our collective expertise. Visit PMICIE.org to learn more and become an active part of our community.